Art Nouveau in Milan, via Bellini
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Private court garden in Milan
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The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael in Brera, Milan
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Art Nouveau in Milan

Elegance and nature in architecture



Art Nouveau in Milan, public libreryArt Nouveau in Milan, via Malpighi
Art Nouveau in Milan, via MalpighiArt Nouveau in Milan, Cafe Vittoria




Let's have a full immersion in the “youth style” and admire buildings designed for the Milanese bourgeoisie - the most joyful and amusing style



The name "Art Nouveau" is the French word for "new art", an international style which influenced graphic design, architecture and arts.

Inspired by natural forms and structures, the “organic fashion” flourished in Italy between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century when Milan became one of its capital cities. The local administrations and bourgeoisie commissioned the construction of new buildings decorated with flowers, leaves, butterflies, little bugs but also stylised, curvilinear forms in line with the new joyful and amused sensibility introduced by Art Nouveau.


(Main) spots:
Palazzo Castiglioni
Hotel Diana
Casa Galimberti
Acquario Civico


Duration: 3 hours
Price: eur 210,00


Pls note:

The itinerary of this tour is open and will be fully customised to meet your wishes.

As we are going to enter some private properties as well, we must be very discreet and it might happen that the concierge doesn't let us in (…that’s up to the mood he’s in...). Anyway it's definitely worth running this little risk and, in case we are not allowed in one building, we'll visit an alternative one.