The Canals of Milan
Dreamy interiors
Private court garden in Milan
...extravagant and sophisticated dynasties ...
Reflections of beauty
The Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael in Brera, Milan
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The roots of Milan
Basilica of Saint Lawrence in Milan
... the roots of Christianity and tollerance...

The Roots and the Canals of Milan

Spirituality, history and romance



The Canals of MilanRestaurant in the Canal District of Milan
Basilica of Saint Ambrose in MilanBasilica of Saint Lawrence in Milan



We'll stroll in the Canal District, experience the romantic side of the city and get back to the deepest roots of Milan


Capital city of the Western Empire, politicians and intellectuals as well as archbishops, saints and religious men exerted their influence from Milan all over the Roman World.

Let's get to the deep roots of the city and enter the Basilica of Saint Ambrose, the so-called “Mother Church of Lombardy”, one of the first ever Christian buildings. We'll admire its refined 4thcentury mosaics, the imposing tomb of Stilicon, commander in chief of the mighty Western Roman Empire, and examine the subtle brick stone structure which frames fascinating old bas-reliefs in the portico.


The atmosphere will suddenly change when we reach the canals. This is the most romantic and traditional district of Milan, with an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. We'll enter the courtyards and discover the typical Milanese architecture with its lovely gardens, artists’ workshops, and we'll learn about the everyday life of Milanese workers and gentlemen in the past.

Dotted with nice cafes, restaurants, little antique shops, this is the best place for relaxing and having a pleasant dinner - time seems to have stopped still here and the water whispers the stories of a mighty city with a gentle soul. 

The last stop on our tour is the Basilica of Saint Eustorgius, a destination for pilgrims in the Middle Ages which was erected to house the relics of The Holy Three Kings delivered from Constantinople. The Dominican church is where we can admire the sublime Cappella Portinari (Portinari Chapel) designed by famous artists for the Florentine Banker, Pigello Portinari, in the most imaginative and refined fashion. We'll examine the Renaissance frescoes and the magnificent tomb of St. Peter the Martyr, the masterpiece of one of the greatest sculptors of Italian Gothic.


Duration: 3 hours
Price: eur 210,00
Transportation: walking tour + public transport or taxi 



- Eur 6,00 per person as admission fee into the Cappella Portinari


Pls note:

This tour cannot run on Sunday mornings due to religious functions inside of the churches.